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Competitive Strengths
Operation Mode
Auction Houses
Future Plans and Prospects
Business Strategies

Implementation Plans

1. Expand customer network
  • To increase its promotional and marketing activities
  • To attend and participate more frequently in the fur exhibitions and trade fairs held in Hong Kong and the PRC
  • To place advertisements in well-known industry leading fur magazines to solicit potential customers

2. Enhance ability to purchase more fur skins
  • To allocate more funds to purchase quality fur skins from the Auction Houses namely KF in Denmark, Saga in Finland and NAFA in Canada for its fur skin trading business

3. Strengthen the source of procurement of fur skins
  • To further expand its source from the existing three Auction Houses to four auction houses
  • The additional world-famous auction house is the American Legend Cooperative (“ALC”) located in the United States
  • To ensure stable supply of high-quality fur skins and diversify the procurement sources

4. Enhance the technical skills of staff
  • To arrange staff to attend more intensive training courses about selecting, sorting and distinguishing fur skins to further enhance staff’s technical skills and exposure to the fur skin industry
  • To expand the team of professional and experienced staff to participate in the procurement of fur skins with an aim to provide better services to customers
  • To arrange staff to participate in Auctions held by Auction Houses as onsite training

5. Expand the business of the Group through acquisition or cooperation
  • To constantly seek acquisition or cooperation opportunities with other industry, which engage or specialise in the fur business, to further expand business scale of the Group
  • Brokerage business in Scandinavian fur auction
    • Completed the acquisition of a fur brokerage firm for purchasing raw furs from Scandinavian auction houses for and on behalf of its customers and provision of finance to its customers
    • Continue to seek acquisition for more fur brokerage firms buying in Scandinavia and North America
  • Mink farms in Denmark
    • The Company have acquired 3 mink farms in Denmark in order to expand the Group’s upstream business where we are involved in the fur industry at the grass roots level. Additionally, it will provide more source of fur skins for the Group
    • Intend to acquire more good valued and good quality mink farms in Denmark
    • Establishing a subsidiary to operate a large size joint venture mink farm in Denmark

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