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Competitive Strengths
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1. Strong management team with extensive industry experience
  • The management team possesses professional knowledge with more than 28 years of extensive experience in the fur industry

2. Well-established relationships with the Auction Houses
  • The management team has conducted business with KF and Saga for more than 26 and 16 years respectively and also established mutual trust with Auction Houses
  • UKF’s reputation, vast experience and personal relationship with the Auction houses, make them exempt from placing deposits before auctions unlike all new fur skin traders

3. Quality assurance of fur skins purchased from the Auctions
  • Fur skins sourced from the Auction Houses are of high quality and bred from the fur farms in Denmark and Finland
  • Denmark and Finland are the world’s leading fur farming countries and the local climates are ideal for breeding premium fur producing animals

4. Good relationships with customers
  • The customer base of the Group covers the PRC, Hong Kong and Russia
  • The Group has also entered into cooperation agreements with six companies with operations located in Beijing, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Dalian or Zhejiang of the PRC

5. Holding of buyer’s number and provision of consulting services
  • The Group has been assigned buyer’s numbers by KF, Saga and NAFA
  • UKF’s expertise in the fur market makes them sought after consultants and advisors on market demand and trends. This enables further secured orders

6. Farms: Danish mink farms at the grass root resource
  • UKF’s acquisition of 3 mink farms in Denmark have assured that the company has expertise at the grass root levels, further enhancing their relationship with the Auction houses they are supplying

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